Testing Framework


Fressia Project is an effort to develop an Open Source framework for Testing Automation. It's intended for users (testers) who want a simple tool that can be used just out of the box. It was originally conceived as part of the QA efforts at the US National Optical Astronomy Observatory. Now it has been delivered to the community cause, despite it's still at early stages, it has proven to be a useful general purpose testing tool.

What is it for?

Fressia is intended to provide a simple automation tool to do:


The central ideas behind the design are: The main purpose is not to replace fancier testing tools but to be an easy-to-use accessory or complement. However, its current status allows you to do pretty complex testing.


It's built on top of other tools - like TestNG, HttpUnit and Selenium - and it's basically composed of:

Do you want an example?

If you were writing a test just to check if google is up, you would just need to code this script:
suite sample_suite {
  test google_test {
    [action]: http call;
    url: "http://www.google.cl/webhp?hl=en";
And after executing it with Fressia you get a report like this one.